Arcola United Methodist Church

​Dear Friends:

Here are thoughts from a recent sermon.

Jesus tells a story of a farmer who planted wheat, but at night the enemy came and sowed weeds among them.  The workers asked the farmer if they should pull up the weeds, and the farmer said ‘no’ lest we pull up the wheat as well.
He said wait until the harvest and then they can separate the good from 
the bad.
We get in trouble when we try to purify ourselves or our culture. 
Examples are the Crusades, when we tried to make everyone Christian, or 
kill them.
The Jewish Holocaust, where we tried to get rid of the Jews and have a 
pure German race.
The KKK, where we tried to get rid of black people, and have a white 

My grandmother always said people are a mix, so we are both the weeds 
and the wheat.
For now, let’s learn to live with ourselves and others with God’s guidance, and trust that God will sort it out in his time.

God bless,



AUGUST  2017



Pastor Scott meets Pastor Dave Wehrle

on the walking/biking path

in the park

Family is a great blessing from God!

Pastor Scott and his beloved sister, Sharon

Who Is Our Pastor?
      Pastor Scott Griffith, a lover of M&Ms, is the son of Paul and Trudy Griffith. He was raised in New City, New York. After graduating from Summit High School in 1982, Rev. Griffith attended Kean University where he earned his undergraduate degree and a dual certification in music and elementary education.
       In 1994 he was called into ministry by the Diamond Hill United Methodist Church in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, where he had been serving as Music Director. After serving for five years there, he was appointed to a two-point charge in Kearny, New Jersey. Before coming to Arcola United Methodist Church here in Paramus, Rev. Griffith was serving as a full time pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Currently, Rev. Griffith is taking graduate courses at Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC and is also serving Arcola as a full time Pastor.
     Pastor Scott serves Arcola by singing in the choir, sitting in on all meetings and getting involved with the youth. Among Rev. Griffith's interests are reading, collecting coins and listening to music.
    Won't you come and be a part of our ministry? Our service starts at 10:00am with fellowship to follow.